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Gretchen Bernabei

Dear Texas Teacher,

     I will show you practical lessons that incorporate the best of what we know about kids, applied theory, and high scoring papers. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned from students in my own classroom and in classrooms of other teachers. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and with a better understanding of writing tests, a deeper working knowledge of the rubric, and a wonderful array of engaging lessons that your students will actually like and are satisfying to teach.

     You’ll be surprised at how many 4s your students score. You’ll notice there’s joy in your  classroom again, in your students, and in you.

     Gretchen Bernabei                   

Gretchen Bernabei GRETCHEN BERNABEI has taught grades 6-12 in San Antonio public schools for more than 20 years and now conducts writing workshops for enthusiastic teacher audiences across the country. Her popular new book, Reviving the Essay, is going into its fourth printing. She co-authored, with Barry Lane, Why We Must Run
with Scissors
and recently helped create The Good Writer’s Kit for National Geographic School Publishing.   
She lives and writes in San Antonio, Texas.

Gretchen will share many ideas from her new book,

Reviving the Essay: How to Teach Structure without Formula

You can Order this book by clicking HERE!

Reviving the Essay
 Teaching ALL Students to Excel on the TAKS Writing Test 4-12 
with Gretchen Bernabei

Whether your students are writing in content areas or for state assessments, or for the New SAT, the five-paragraph essay just doesn’t cut it any more. Formula writing is out and “Real Writing” is in.
In this idea packed, practical workshop let master teacher Gretchen Bernabei show you how to abandon the five-paragraph essay in favor of more choices for possibilities all along the essay-writing process, to bring life and light into your students

"After I took Gretchen’s workshop my TAKS essay scores jumped form 44% passing to 76% passing in one week.”
      ~ Nika Maples, Grade 10, Texas

"Wow! I thought after countless hours of writing workshops and training, that I knew how to teach writng! I was wrong! Gretchen showed me a whole bunch of new ways to teach writing to my 4th graders. I can’t wait to get back to school tomorrow."
      ~ Susie Jackson, 4th grade, San Antonio, Texas

"Gretchen is awesome. Not only does she have great strategies for helping students become writers, she also has a great down to earth delivery. She brings it home and makes it real. I can’t wait to take it back.
      ~ Carla Blackwell, Grades  9 -12, Lavernia, Texas

“Our 7th graders at Goddard Junior High in Midland scored a 94% passing the TAKS writing test. Over 40% were commended. Thanks again for your in-service in Houston and your new book, Reviving the Essay.”
      ~Dorothy Thompson

You will learn how to

  • Make Quicklists, for topics that come from the students’ hearts
  • Explore Truisms, for turning your students into profound interpreters of the world
  • Target memories, for switching life lessons to match a memory 
  • Craft the 11-minute essay, for finding brain connections
  • Master alternative text structures such as:
          The Story of my thinking
    ·     Comparing notes
    ·     Evolving a term
    ·     Tevye’s debate
    ·     Peeling the onion of truth
    ·                   ....and much more
  • Use “thick description” to draw in the reader in
  • Experiment with the Lullaby weave to bring music and dialogue into an essay
  • Learn to inject multiple genres in a single work
  • Employ Narrative technique to bring life to academic essays
  • Master powerful craft choices for revision
  • Use drama to teach awareness of audience
  • Teach students to visualize a real audience
  • Learn the secret of “ Ba-da-bing”, a fun, easy sentence-imitating revision exercise
 “Thank you for sharing real, concrete ways to help guide students to be better writers. Workshops and books like yours are freeing students AND teachers from the shackles of school writing to the liberty (and joy) of authentic writing!”
      ~Jill Halton, teacher, grades 6-12

“Gretchen came to MISD, and we fell head over heels in love with her. She is delightful. What a wealth of information and strategies. People hung around way after the session and Gretchen continued to give more ideas. Why didn’t I do this two years ago?” 
     ~Dr. Elaine Weber,  Director
       Macomb Regional Literacy Training Center, Michigan

"This workshop has given me the nuts and bolts I need to bring voice into my student’s writing. Thank you, Gretchen!"
     ~ Michaelene Kasper Grade 4, Canyonlake Texas 

"Thank you, Gretchen-- I am so pleased my entire department was able to share this experience all at once! What a great opportunity for vertical discussion when we get back to campus."
     ~ Liz Maggri, Literacy Coordinator, Jones Middle School, Texas

"Gretchen’s techniques do indeed bring test scores up significantly. It is a fact.
     ~ Rodemiro Gonzalez, Principal, San Antonio, Texas

"Gretchen is a fantastic speaker---so full of love, patience, wit and knowledge."
     ~ Sharon Rhyme, Grades 9 & 10, Portland, Texas


• Grade 3-12 Teachers
• Language Arts & English Teachers
• Teachers of Title I, Title II,
Title III (ELL), Title VII,
& Gifted Students
• Mentors / Lead Teachers / Interns
• Resource Specialists
• Reading Specialists
• Curriculum Coordinators
• Administrators
• Instructional Aides
• Parents

 The results speak for themselves:

"My students' TAKS scores increased from 70% passing to 100% passing in less than 2 months. I credit Gretchen Bernabei and her books for this gain."
      ~Damari Stoops, Grade 4, San Antonio Texas

"Using Gretchen's strategies for only 5 weeks, our TAKS scores jumped from 69% passing with 13% commendable to 96.5% passing with 44% commendable. This far exceeded our expectations."
      ~Mr. Jacob Saucedo, Principal, Judson ISD, Texas.

 or call 1-800-613-8055


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