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Reviser's Toolbox

By Barry Lane


This practical book of one page lessons evolved from experiences in thousands of classrooms and from the work teachers have sent me in my travels across the country. It contains classroom ready transparencies, conference sheets, dozens of examples from student writing and literature for teaching the power of revision. Keep it on your desk and use it throughout the year.


Study Shows Reviser's Toolbox Raises Test Scores Dramatically

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after THE END

By Barry Lane



Revision is an ongoing creative process that starts the moment the pen hits the paper. However, in my travels to classrooms across the country, I've found students still see revision as re-doing and approach it with less enthusiasm than the first draft. After THE END is the book I wrote to teach a love and appreciation of revision to students. Here you'll find well tested mini-lessons for illustrating concept of craft, such as lead, digging for details, exploding moments, scene building, and much more. Used well, they will help create a class where students see the many choices available to them at each turn in the writing road. With over 50,000 copies in print this best-selling professional book has helped thousands of teachers nationwide inspire a love of revision in their students.

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Student Lessons in Revision

with Barry Lane for the classrooms 3-8
DVD and Video Tape Combo

was $399.00 
Sale Price: $99.00



Revision is not the act of fixing your mistakes or redoing a draft. Real revision involves, re-thinking and re-seeing a piece of writing using the special tools of a writer’s craft to improve your work. Barry Lane’s writing workshops and residences and books have helped thousands of children in all 50 states learn to improve their writing with joy and confidence.

Now you can bring Barry Lane into your class with these 4 videos which teach key concepts of craft to transform both writing and your student’s attitude toward revision. But that’s not all. You also get a free copy of Barry’s best selling Reviser’s Toolbox ($27 value) with an index that tells of pages which support each lesson. Take advantage of this pre-publication special and order today. Let Barry out of the box and into your classroom.

Lesson 1

A potato is something you dig up, something you want to know more about, something that intrigues both the reader and the writer. Lessons in tape one involve learning to ask questions to find a beginning that’s close to a writer’s excitement in a story. Learning to listen and ask curious questions can direct a writer to finding an interesting angle on a subject and transforming that interest into a compelling lead. At the end of this tape Barry demonstrates this concept by singing his song about the Three Little Pigs from the wolfs point of view.

Lesson 2
Digging for Details

Details are the walls of writing, not the wallpaper. The act of writing with detail is two-fold. We dig for details and then we choose those telling details that say it all. In tape 2 Barry teaches how use a simple concept like the binoculars to unlock the power of detail for your students. Mini-lessons teach students how to practice turning the knob on each other’s binoculars and how to zoom in with more specific detail in both realistic and fantasy writing.

Snapshots and Thoughtshots

In Tape 3 Barry illustrates how to replace "Show don’t tell" with "Show and Tell." Snapshots are concrete physical details and thoughtshots are mental details that live within the minds of characters or the writer. Using both fiction and non-fiction writing Mini-lessons in this video build on the binocular lessons in tape 2 to help students learn to write snapshots and thoughtshots and add them to their writing during revision.

Exploding Moments
and Shrinking Centuries

Time to a writer is like play-dough in the hands of a toddler. In tape 4 Barry teaches his most popular mini- lessons on how to manipulate time in writing. Using slow motion clips, examples from student writing and fiction and non-fiction literature, Barry leads you to a deeper understanding of how writers control the hands of the clock.


Included free with your purchase

A copy of Barry’s Best selling book, Reviser’s Toolbox with a special added study guide which indexes all 4 videos with key pages in the book. Now you have all the tools you need to help your students learn to love revision as much as professional writers do.

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Lessons in Revision

with Barry Lane

90 min. VHS Video $29.00

DVD-only version: $39.00

These taped sessions, produced by Kentucky Public Television, are the quickest way to get me into your school. In the 90 minute tape I present several model lessons from after the end, performed my comic piece Grammarnoia and sing several songs. The tape can be used directly with teachers and sections can be played for students. Some of the lesson’s Modeled include, the Binoculars, Digging for Details, Snapshots, Thoughtshots, Exploding moments.

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