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  Welcome to the Home of Barry Lane and Discover Writing

 Barry Lane is an internationally known author and speaker, who travels the world sharing his unique style of motivating students to become better writers.  This site is your gateway to a host of teaching aids.  This is also the home of Discover Writing Press, which produces the books and audio and visual tapes and CDs by Barry Lane and other fine writers which support the classrooms of writing teachers worldwide.  Our mission is to help teachers as they help their students
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   Barry Lane's  1-day

 Fall STAAR writing workshops 



Igniting a Passion for Non-Fiction Writing :  a 1 day Fall Writing Workshop with Barry Lane :  Bring engagement and vigor to academic writing instruction and send STAAR scores off the charts!

 For teachers 4-10 and all teachers of writing, any level.

$239 per person

Principals attend free when three or more teachers attend


Fall  2015 workshops with Barry Lane
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 Igniting a Passion for Non-Fiction Writing :

 a Dynamic 1 day Fall Writing Workshop with Barry Lane :

 Bring engagement and vigor to expository writing instruction and send test scores off the charts!

  Click on Link for more info and to Register today!    Price $239 per person. 

                             Boston MA     October 20

                             Hartford CT      October 21  

                             Philadelphia PA   October 27

                             Detroit, MI      October 28
                                     (Special Holocaust Writing Workshop)

                             McAllen TX        November 4

                              El Paso  TX     November 6

                              Houston TX     November 9

                              Dallas TX        November 10

                              New Braunfels (San Antonio) TX   November 12

                              Austin TX       November 13  

                              Lexington KY      December 7 

                              Orlando  FL       December 9


For teachers 3 and up and all teachers of writing



“Amazing, we increased STAAR writing scores from 30% to 73% passing in one year using Barry’s strategies’     Melissa Skinner, Principal, Charlotte, Tx

Registration   $239 per person

(Principals attend free when three teachers register from the school)
Print the Texas Pdf 

What a wealth of ideas! Mr. Lane provides wonderful techniques to use in the classroom while at the same time being entertaining and a delight. I would recommend this workshop to anyone in any area of education.
Maelynn Webb, grade 4

I had no idea how to light a fire under my students–Now I do! I feel like I have the tools and confidence to guide students successfully on their writing journey.               Amy Francis

Excellent seminar. Every teacher/administrator should attend. It will change what you do in the classroom to help students become more successful in their writing.         Jim Moon, Principal

The best workshop I have attended. The lessons are simple, but super effective for younger and older students.  
Naomi Fuentes, 11th grade

I have learned numerous strategies and ideas that I am very excited about implementing in the classroom. Moreover, Barry Lane’s training is suitable for ELA teachers at every grade level!         Cicely Driver  grade 7

I absolutely loved this workshop! It was just what I needed. I am so thankful for the wealth of knowledge I have gained today!     Lauren Webb, grade  3

My test scores improved dramatically after implementing ideas I learned from Barry Lane, but more than that, my students now love to write.      Mary Burke, grade  4

Amazing ideas, simple to implement–yet so exciting for my students!  Amy Byrd, grade 4

This is the best instruction I have had for STAAR writing since STAAR was implemented. So glad someone is looking out for the teachers!   Pamela Anthony, high school, Yoakum, TX

This was my first time attending one of Lane’s trainings, and this training has been one of my absolute favorites! This is my fifth year teaching high school and many of the lessons Barry Lane shared were definitely applicable for the high school setting. Thank you!   Monica Sifuentes, 12th grade, Weslaco, TX

Great writing strategies. Writing becomes exciting for kids and teachers. Loved it! Priscilla Escobar, 9th, Eagle Pass, TX

Students will certainly benefit from having a teacher who experienced the Discover Writing Workshop. This has been one of the best professional development opportunities I’ve ever experienced.  Melinda Lanham, 10th, Killeen, TX







But How Do You Teach Writing?                         
A Simple Guide for All Teachers
240 pages with 100 illustrations, cartoons and reproducible forms.

Here is authentic writing instruction that taps into the heart and soul of teacher and their students to honor self expression and thinking.  Three sections include easy ideas to get you started, inspired teaching across genres, and advice for assessment and teaching revision, grammar, and punctuation.



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