The EssayCompany has been in the student aid market for many years and has succeeded. Like most significant competitors, it relies primarily on quality, not quantity. The company openly declares that it tries to avoid loud slogans and pathos phrases, though also a pathos phrase. Well, never mind! The main thing required of this type of company is honesty, literacy, and timeliness.


What is the goal of Essay Company?

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The company itself states that the primary goal of their work is to save students time while doing routine work. Anyone who was a student or still is a student knows that a student’s everyday life is hard work in multitasking mode, doing several things at a time, like Gaius Julius Caesar. And imagine if someone had not only to study but also work? Or deal with a family or personal life? If you have the opportunity to save such an invaluable resource as time, why not take advantage of it?

Like all teams helping students, preaches the principle: “quality and on time. And, quite pleasantly, they do not forget to spoil their customers, then an excellent action, then a special offer tempting.

Who works at EssayCompany?

Here we come to the first exciting thing about the company. In addition to the management top, the core staff can be divided into three types:

  1. Experts. Those who deal with help personally. These are the guys who will write your work make edits. The staff includes teachers, professors, Ph.D.’s and Ph.D.’s who work in their professions. If you believe the company’s website, most of them have been working for a very, very long time.
  2. The customer service department. They are the ones who contact you when ordering, clarify details, and resolve conflicts with the expert. Friendly guys and gals, ready to answer all your questions. In other words, the usual managers.
  3. The Quality Control Department. The hidden link in the chain. These guys are the ones who are supposed to be in charge of bringing the work to perfection, so to speak, perfectionists in their business. They check the expert for compliance with all requirements, uniqueness, citations, and, of course, the customer’s requirements.

EssayCompany Discount Code Deals and Pricing System

The company’s standard price list is different from similar “referral services. All prices are listed from and to infinity. Judging by the fact that specified on the site, the work will be done by the most experienced writers and at the same time the most high-speed, because the essay you give within 12 hours, and the diploma within ten days. 

 How do I place an order with Essay Company?

The influence of the fact that the CEO once wrote student papers himself can be seen with the naked eye. Everything is done for the convenience of both customers and employees.

  1. The client leaves a request with a particular form. The manager will contact you almost immediately.
  2. Passes the harmonization of price and timing of the work and negotiates additional terms that may increase the final words and the cost of the work.
  3. You make an advance payment of 50% and the selection of an expert, who will advise you and explain the obscure and difficult points.
  4. In the case of voluminous work, intermediate results are given.
  5. When the work is ready, the second half of the price is paid, and a link to the work with the necessary advice is immediately provided.

Guarantees of EssayCompany

Guarantees service EssayCompany- this is one of the crucial sections of the site. Before ordering work, recommend that you read. The service provides you with an example of your finished job, and bears no further responsibility for how you read it, read the work before delivery, etc. A full refund of the work carried out cost only with the confirmation of assessment “fail. Otherwise, the service guarantees quality control work, that the job will do the work, and check for plagiarism.

Essay Company Final Rating

Service has proved itself as a reliable assistant to students, although there are dissatisfied customers in any business. EssayCompany has not let me or my friends whom I recommended it during all cooperation. The choice is yours!

The main advantages:

  • Good quality of authors work
  • Wide range of services
  • Flexible system of discounts and savings
  • Referral program
  • The ability to pay 50% when ordering