Let me introduce you to a writing service that claims to be from Australia and employs only native English speakers as authors. I finally found a writing company that only works with native speakers and my dream literally came true.

I like the picture of a funny kangaroo holding a paper in his hand and holding a pencil in it And he’s against it. Now I realize that this picture is to be taken literally, because the essay was really written by a kangaroo. I am not lying to you, but you must read my Essayroo report to know the truth.

Coming to the website itself, you have a price calculator that shows you the exact price of your future work based on the number of words in the essay, the time span and the price per word. Prices start at almost $17 in Australian dollars, which is about $13.

essayroo reviews

The functionality of the site is great, but here strange things start to happen. The site has a lot of strange features, such as the “Order Now” button at the top right. Once you have recognized the pleasant and user-friendly image that prompts you to click on the “Order” button, you can study the service and check the feedback from real buyers.

The chat support team is so bad they should have chosen a turtle instead of a kangaroo for their brand image. Imagine asking a question that takes at least 1-2 minutes to answer and imagining that you have to ask for an answer to a simple question like, “I’m sorry, but no.” You also manage to make a cup of coffee for your question and return to your desk while the support team representative collects his thoughts before answering the question “Who is the author?”

Before sending the template, type something else, and if you are still writing somewhere, you have a legend.

This is not necessarily the case when you want to make money, but also when you want to offer customer service. If the author delivers a good product quality, the support team will do it for you, no problem.

So you order a 4-page essay on biology from Essayroo, and as you can imagine, you have to outsource something that is less important to you. I prefer to work and study at the same time, earn money for my own living and gain real experience. So if you’re not really studying hard and working and studying at the same time, you could outsource it to someone who’s not really studying that hard.

I don’t know of any other company, but it’s quite expensive, so you should do it yourself or at least contact Essayroo.

If you want a personal customer service representative to process your order, you must contact Essayroo. The order form contains all the possible and impossible details and properties that could affect the price of the paper. In other words, the beautiful and detailed order forms show you exactly the details that make paper even more expensive.

Basically, one begins to think that even this extra fee would not prevent the newspaper from appearing completely late, but it costs a considerable amount to write its decision. If you want to be perfect, you’ll have to pay even more to make your paper perfect. You are willing to pay not only for the paper itself, but for all the other things you pay for it, and that is perfect!

If you need an urgent item, you should be willing to spend $59, but it can be cheaper if you order long term and at a lower academic level. You can pay $19 – 22 for an essay that will be ready in two weeks and will be available free of charge. EssayRoo prices are quite high, with a price tag of $60 for a single essay and $70-80 for the entire essay.

Their rebate policy is the same as for loyalty programs, but in this case it is an honest thing to offer the full range of prices and fees that they charge. Floor plans and bibliographies should be free by default, and that does not mean that they show generosity by making them free. The “free” feature is really ridiculous, with a $60 price tag for a single essay and $70-80 for a full essay.

If you dare to order more than 100 pages from them, they offer a discount of 15%, which is pretty decent if you think you are so lucky to make it to this point. The more pages you order, the more discounts you get, but let us check the guarantees. You offer an unlimited number of revisions within 14 days of delivery of the order.

The first two times I wrote my work really badly and I wasted several days and hundreds of dollars because I was late for the newspaper. So it is good that the company was willing to revise the paper, but bad is that it was not able to execute the order at the first attempt. When I got the third revised version of the work, I couldn’t submit it, so I had to waste several days and a hundred dollars until they were ready to revise it.

All in all, my work was full of typos and grammar errors, but who am I to judge? It seems that I have not completed the work of a person who has just learned the language, and it seems that I have not finished it.

It is also sad that the deadline was not met and the papers were not delivered on time, but I also had the opportunity to communicate with the authors. It seems that several different authors have worked on my essay, and I can’t say that I’m good with this service.

What you can say about Essayroo.com in general, what I can say about it, is extremely mixed, but maybe my children will read my Essayroo review. Others curse it for poor customer service.

It requires multiple revisions by different authors and is really expensive for a real college job, but if you are looking for better quality, you might be willing to pay a lot for it when it is available.

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