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I wrote the review of for you, fellow students. Wait, you don’t know what CustomWritings is? It’s another essay mill, which is a menacing den of depravity and crime threatening the future of our children. At least that’s what the media seems to think. I – and other students inhabiting Reddit – disagree. While journalists and do-gooders of all stripes lament the demise of academic integrity, we, learners from the US and UK, ask for a good service to buy papers from. Reason? We don’t have time to deal with never-ending assignments. The best way to preserve one’s sanity is to find a trustworthy site and use it sparingly. And this brings me to this article’s topic.

Unlike other reviews, my article addresses the most important questions:

  • Is CustomWritings expensive?
  • Can you trust the company?
  • How competent are the company’s writers?

To answer those questions, I bought a paper at Custom Writings. Result? As a third-year student regularly using academic writing services, I have never encountered a worse company. Keep reading for more details.

customwritings review Review – “Low Prices” and Other Lies

Let’s kick things off by engaging in the refund policy and CustomWritings prices review. It seems that the writers on the company’s payroll fancy their help as “cheap.” Upon closer inspection of customer reviews and the pricing page, it becomes clear that the projected vision of affordable service has no match in reality.

At Custom Writings, undergraduate papers can be purchased for $13 per page. A bit of context is due here. I’ve dealt with several companies who deliver similar help for less than $10. The CustomWritings’ markup is rather high, don’t you agree?

As for other papers, they are also egregiously expensive. A graduate paper written in two weeks would set you back for $22 per page. The same writing finished in 24 hours costs $37. That’s unheard of. And don’t get me started on prices for Ph.D.-level help. However, frustrating the cost of the graduate help is, it is nowhere in the vicinity of FORTY-EIGHT DOLLARS! Unfortunately, your eyes are not failing you. CustomWritings prices are really that high. prices

Bottom line: the writing solutions offered by the company are anything but “affordable.”

Now, let’s discuss another brazen lie – Money Back Guarantee. It took me three minutes to discover that after an order is approved, customers are eligible for only a partial refund. Furthermore, the company cannot be bothered to specify the percentage of the money you can reclaim if you are dissatisfied with its shoddy service. Here’s a quote from the company’s website: “Once you press the ‘Approve order’ button, which provides access to an editable and printable version of the paper, you cannot request a full refund.” It means that if your professor marks the purchased paper poorly, you won’t be able to get your money back. If that’s not a foul stain on the company’s reputation, I don’t know what is.

total price cusomwritings

CustomWritings Reviews: Quality of Paper Writing Is Far from Exciting

And so we ineluctably approached the meatiest part of the review – the discussion of the CustomWritings paper writing. In the spirit of full disclosure, let me state that I’m not a native speaker. Given that English is not my native language, I cannot claim without reservation that CustomWritings com hire ESL writers. However, the number of grammar errors and follies in my essay suggest that it might be the case. Maybe some writers are cheating on their resume to get the job because something is clearly amiss here. Below is an excerpt of the essay I purchased at CustomWritings:

With time when social media is every where the uncertainty about its role worries. Not anyone has time read good quality journalism because fake news win the market for information. Our social media kings saying that truth rised to the foreground because people prefers it. All in all, people can see that it’s not true because many users still spread conspiracy theories. In the same time, real journalism is dying and turns more partisan.

As you can see, the essay is poorly written and riddled with errors. Taken together, those drawbacks are not only depressing but also indicative of the fact the paper was created by someone with a tentative grasp of the English language. I ran it through CustomWritings free plagiarism checker while bracing myself for more unpleasant surprises. Fortunately, I breathed a sigh of relief when the report showed 0% plagiarism. At least, Custom Writings managed to do one thing right.

order form customwritings

Custom Writings Login and Support

It wasn’t my initial reaction to blog about the poor service at CustomWritings. Upon receiving the essay, I called the company’s Customer Support and complained about the substandard writing quality. A representative suggested to apply for a free revision in order to manage order amicably. All I had to do was to sign in to my account and log a complaint. I was told that CustomWritings com reviews revision requests and decides whether an extra fee should be charged. However, after expressing my vehement opposition to surcharges, the representative agreed to revise the essay for free.

Custom Writings Com Review Takes a Surprising Turn

Having used the company’s service, I can maintain with a reasonable degree of certainty that it is not a scam. However, I know nothing about the company’s origin and its real modus operandi. What if the agency can stoop to blackmail? It wasn’t the case with me, but I’m not sure everyone else is safe. And even if legit, I would not sponsor its operations again. Here’s why.

Go to a page titled Director’s Notice on Social Responsibility. There you would find that the company tries to “adhere to established general social morals and tenets.” And what would those be? Apparently, opposing same-sex marriage and abortion. No kidding.

controversial topics

The company refuses to write essays supporting people’s right to decide what to do with their bodies.

Is CustomWritings reliable? Marginally so. Nevertheless, the callous attitude toward basic human rights makes the thought of using its help unpalatable.

CustomWritings Coupon and Discount Code

There are some things about Custom Writings one could actually enjoy. A case in point: promo discounts. I was able to find a coupon code for fairly quickly. If, for some strange reason, you decide to use the company’s assistance, don’t forget about discounts. Rating and WARNING

Everyone looking for the best homework sites, keep looking. I wouldn’t recommend supporting CustomWritings with your hard-earned money for two reasons:

  1. The company hires ESL writers who produce shoddy content;
  2. The company refuses to support progressive causes such as the recognition of same-sex unions or women’s right to choose.

My experience shows that delivering even passably good service is an impossibly high bar for the agency. Therefore, scores at only 3.4 out of 5.

Total Rating