Summary: Study solutions, homework help, and an extensive database of essay samples you can use to help you with writing – doesn’t it sound good? Sure it does – until you know how much it all costs. Not the most user-friendly interface and high prices might prompt you to look for better alternatives to Bartleby.


What is It’s one of the most popular student success platforms online. Bartleby website aims to help users with various aspects of their studies and is divided into several sections: study, write, and research – each with its own features and peculiarities. Let’s see if students can really benefit from using the platform. review

Bartleby “Learn” Module

The “Learn” section of the Bartleby platform provides help with various subjects, step-by-step Bartleby textbook solutions, a Q&A library, Bartleby homework solutions and explanations. In general, it’s a great service to find expert teaching materials and books online, as well as get professional help. Monthly access costs $9.99.

Bartleby “Write” Module

The “Write” section provides tips and tools to help students improve writing skills, write faster, reduce mistakes, and turn regular essays into great ones. The tools include a grammar and spelling checker, a plagiarism checker, and a quotation tool. There is even an (allegedly) artificial intelligence technology that reviews your paper before submitting to suggest a likely grade. Unfortunately, most of these features are paid. Is Bartleby worth it, considering that the subscription costs $9.99 per month? The offered solutions seem useful, but one could find dozens of such-like utilities at absolutely no charge. So we’ll leave it for you to judge.

Let’s move on to the website’s area that we consider arguably the most useful – Bartleby research.

Bartleby Writing & Research Database

Bartleby “Research” is a database of sample academic papers that you can use for your educational and inspirational purposes. The general idea of the service is to use sample Bartleby essays as a source of ideas for your writing, insights for proper structuring or formatting, and useful writing techniques.

The thing is, the platform doesn’t offer a free account to use the database – so, you must pay for a subscription to review their papers. However, this becomes clear only after the login process.

How much does the Bartleby account cost? The price for monthly access is $29.95 (slightly less if you pay for three at once). There is also a weekly subscription for $7 that could be considered a kind of trial period. prices

The first impression is that using the Bartleby website is quite confusing in terms of navigation. For example, finding a sample database isn’t that simple – you have to scroll the home page to the very bottom to get to the Sample Essay Topics section. essay topics

The next difficulty may be finding a suitable sample because the database doesn’t have a full-fledged search engine and convenient filters for various criteria (type of work, size, subjects, etc.). The user can search for essays only by title: enter the topic keyword (for example, Shakespeare) in the search bar and see the results.

According to frequent queries, the user can search for sample papers in three categories: popular topic, popular essays, and literary analysis. It’s convenient if you haven’t decided on the topic for your original essay and are still looking for a good idea.

The Bartleby library offers a limited number of samples – less than one would like to get, given that most of them are written on hackneyed topics. However, the ones we’ve read were of sufficient quality and can be safely used as models to follow.


Bartleby Customer Service

Is Bartleby com a reliable source of academic assistance? One of the revealing answers to this question is the quality of the support service. Unfortunately, they don’t have a live chat. If you have problems with Bartleby login, registration, payments, or anything else, you will have to get in touch with them via an on-site contact form or email and hope that the support team will answer quickly.

Is Bartleby Legit and Safe?

Bartleby is a legit service owned by Barnes & Noble Education, Inc. Taking into account all the guarantees that Bartleby offers, yes, the user can rely on the website. Most of the negative reviews on platforms like Quora and Reddit relate to complications with account registration and high service fees. Carefully study how to cancel Bartleby subscription; otherwise, the fee will be automatically charged every month.

Service Rating

At first glance, Bartleby’s services seem quite useful for solving student writing problems. If you’re stuck on your essay, it’s a good idea to find a sample paper on a similar topic and get inspired. Thus, having access to an extensive database of essay examples will be quite helpful. However, the service has a number of drawbacks.

First, of course, comes the price. In general, the sample database – as well as other learning and researching features – from Bartleby look like an addition to their paid services. Yet, you’ll have to pay for this bonus too! Second, there is a limited number of academic samples. Many online libraries can boast a much wider range of educational materials. On the other hand, their quality is remarkably high.

Total Rating