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I’m not a psychology expert, and I am certainly not a clairvoyant of any sort. Yet I know for sure that you are desperate for help. What is it that makes me so confident? Experience. I’ve been in desperate need for academic help many times. And after using one online writing company after another, I’ve learned that many quick-fix solutions, at best, are not effective, and, at worst, are harmful. is a case in point. Several days ago, I stumbled upon Shark Essay reviews on Reddit. Many users were enthusiastic about the company, which is why I decided to check samples of their papers, and order one for myself. The experience was edifying. I will detail it in this EssayShark review. Here, I will answer the questions that surely weigh on your mind: “How does EssayShark work?” and “Is it a reliable company?”

Are you sitting comfortably? Because things are about to get pretty detailed and nerdy.

essayshark writing service


Essayshark Prices

How much does EssayShark cost? Too much. And the company is well aware of this fact, which is why it does not have a Prices page on its website. To find how much do you have to pay for a paper, you should create an account first. Without a doubt, Essay Sharks think that prices are something they need to hide from customers, which tells you a lot about their offers. I do realize that the company functions as a bidding platform that connects a customer with a writer. This notwithstanding, Essayshark would be a more honest purveyor of writing services, if it has listed an average price for essays on its website. What if I cancel an order on paper after realizing that the bids are too high? Or should I pay first without even worrying about the prices? This would hardly be a good idea because if you decide to request refund and get your money back, you will have a nasty surprise coming your way. According to the company’s refund policy, “once the final payment to the writer is released, the order is considered complete, and no money will be refunded.” When dealing with Essay Shark, take PayPal payments seriously because you won’t get your money back.

Now, let’s discuss the bids. More than 70 writers applied to complete my order. Their offers ranged from $120 to $160. Needless to say that both price points were egregiously exorbitant. Unfortunately, I was in a hurry and didn’t want to seek a more fair-priced offer. Therefore, I forked out $30 for a page of writing. The dumbest decision ever. prices


EssayShark Coupons

After some googling, I found an Essay Shark coupon. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to apply the discount code since there was no relevant field at the checkout page.

EssayShark Writers

This section of the article reviews the research essay I purchased from Essayshark com. Even though the agency gives exacting answers on how to order papers, it only provides vague, evasive ones on the quality of their materials. Presumably, specialists with “perfect writing skills” create “high-quality papers” on different topics, which makes the company the “best writing service.” However, there is no indication, whatsoever, that when you need help with an assignment EssayShark can deliver you a top grade. Sadly, I didn’t realize it until later. If you think that those supposedly wonderful writers know how to use pronouns who and whom or support an argumentative claim with solid evidence, you are dead wrong.

My professor returned the paper with a laundry list of grammar errors on its margins. She indicated that even though the essay was ultimately readable, she had to re-read many sentences to infer their meaning. The professor also noted that the paper could be salvaged with some editing and recommended me to read Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style.

Having paid $120 for the essay, I returned to EssayShark with a revision request. Obviously, I was upset.

essayshark order form


Is EssayShark Legit?

I am not sure whether EssayShark is a legitimate company or not. On the one hand, they bungled my assignment, which is reprehensible but not illegal. On the other hand, EssayShark amended the essay, thereby proving that, at least, some of their commitments are real. Thus, the company reneged on the promise of good writing while keeping the promise of free revisions. I am not sure how serious EssayShark is about delivering on its promise of confidential service; therefore, do not share personal detail with the company until you are absolutely certain it is safe. Also, bear in mind that many Reddit users share my opinion.

Is Essay Shark Scam?

This may sound nonsensical but bear with me. Even though EssayShark delivered me a shoddy essay, it is not a scam. For one thing, there was no plagiarism in the paper; for another, it was delivered on time. Thus, it can’t be argued that EssayShark tries to cheat its customers, which is why the ‘legit or scam’ question should be put aside. Instead, it is necessary to consider another question: “Can you trust the company?” And the answer is a resounding “No.” EssayShark is not a reliable service. Their willingness to provide a free revision does not obviate the fact that some customers receive poorly-written papers. features

EssayShark Login

The sign up process at is simple. The creation of accounts does not take too much time, which is important when one wants to get writing assistance from professional writers. The registration page indicates that to open an account, a student should make an order. The provided email can be used later to sign in to one’s personal space. That’s being said, I have no idea how to delete an Essayshark account. I don’t want to use their services anymore, which is why I need to get rid of it. However, it seems that the company is unwilling to let me free because there is no “Delete” button.

Essay Shark Rating

If I didn’t know any better, I would use EssayShark again despite their patently poor service. My decision to sever ties with the agency has germinated within a broad frame of reference – one based on extensive experience: I’ve dealt with superior writing companies. EssayShark sells papers of average quality while charging exorbitant prices. Also, I don’t like that due to the inability to delete the account, the remnants of my history with Essay Shark could potentially remain in perpetuity. I like using more secure writing solutions. Therefore, the company is rated at 3.98 out of 5.

Total Rating