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Who amongst us has not cheated in college? I know of none. In some way or another, corners have been cut by everyone including me. Yes, it’s bad, but have I not cheated in college, I would surely drown in clammy mind fog. After a dozen papers or so, I would flap like a dying tuna in my bed and gasp helplessly for air. Overexertion is no joke. I had to use writing services so the college couldn’t destroy me. That, in one sense or another, is what this review is about.
I’m investigating the use of writing services for surviving (and hopefully thriving) in college. To be more specific, the use of
Several days ago, I provided a company’s writer with a restricted canvass – 825-word limit –, and encouraged them to use their unbound creativity to craft me an essay. Ahead are my musings on the experience.
cyberpaperboy review

Prices and Discounts – The Quintessence of Affordability

Whereas I’m not too keen on price setting processes, production costs, and other niceties of the company’s business model, I know one thing for sure: Cyber Paper Boy must be doing something right. Why? Just because it’s prices are mouth-wateringly low. How much do you think high-school level writing costs? You will never guess because it is only $10. Of course, for the price to be that low, you would have to tolerate an extended deadline – 20 days. On the other hand, the sizeable savings justify the waiting period. College, university, and Ph.D. writing delivered in 20 days costs $12, $18, and $20, respectively.

There are times when academic problems cannot tolerate a delay, which is why the company offers expedite delivery. Naturally, one is expected to pay extra for urgency. Specifically, a high-school paper finished in 3 hours costs $39. College, university, and Ph.D. papers completed in the same short 3 hours cost $41, $49, and $56. Sheesh! Although the prices may seem too steep at first glance, they are actually quite reasonable when put next to competitive offerings. Btw, I did just that. An average market price of college-level writing delivered in three hours is whopping $52. I don’t know what kind of business sorcery the company utilizes, but it seems to be working just fine.
It all comes down to this: CyberPaperBoy has eye-poppingly low prices.
cyberpaperboy prices
It would be remiss of me not to mention bountiful discounts that are available for first-time users. For example, the promo code JETPACK reduces the first-order’s price by 11%. This is huge.
cyberpaperboy discount

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Website Usability Makes Ordering a Breeze

The CyberPaperBoy website looks great, but I couldn’t care less about it. And lest design enthusiasts take umbrage with my statement, let me clarify. What matters to me as the company’s customer is usability. That is, I want to order an essay while exerting minimum efforts, which is why a learning curve shouldn’t be too steep. In the case of the company’s website, the curve is just fine.
It is clear that CyberPaperBoy experts have invested a lot of time and money into making the interface as simple and comfortable as humanly possible. Here’s what I mean. The website is equally accessible via a desktop and a phone – I checked – which makes it convenient for device-jugglers like me. Intuitive navigation makes ordering a breeze. It took me approximately three minutes to complete the online order form. But don’t take my word for it, look at these screenshots instead.

cyberpaperboy caltulate
cyberpaperboy form
As you can see, the form is straightforward enough to be completed by a paraplegic pigeon.

Paper Writing Quality: The Essay Felt Like Jazz for Eyes

I am not going to pretend that the process of essay creation was fueled by anything other than mad skills. The writer managed to distill a dollop of genius, froze it on their fingertips, and play jazz on their keyboard only for me to drop a jaw and shout, “Ain’t it good!” In all fairness, it was more than good. The essay written with gusto in the searing blaze of creativity read like a polished verse. Something must have broken inside the writer because their zest and unquenchable fervor somehow spilled onto the paper.
In addition to making the essay beautiful, the writer went above and beyond to ensure it was also structurally impeccable. Their prose was neatly organized into coherent paragraphs and sections. Meticulously-constructed arguments flew naturally, fastened together by an invisible yet omnipresent thread of meaning. When the references appeared, they were properly cited.

cyberpaperboy result
Given the quality of the paper, it was only natural to assume that it was too good to be written from scratch. This thought bothered me as I was leafing the paper. Therefore, I used a free plagiarism checker Copyscape to confirm my suspicion. To my surprise, the essay was 100% original. Cyber Paper Boy delivered on its promise of custom writing.

Is a Reliable Website? Beyond Any Doubt!

From where I sit, Cyber Boy is a legit and safe paper writing service. And surely, the paramountcy of safety need not be discussed here. At no point of my interaction with the company did I feel it compromised, which is why Cyber PaperBoy comes off as trustworthy. Here’s how I know that the company does not run a scam. First, the purchased paper was completely unique, which was established with the help of plagiarism-detection software. Second, the company utilizes a secure mode of communication with its clients, which was evident from a padlock icon displayed in my web browser. Finally, no personal details were requested at the time of order placement. Ergo, it is virtually impossible to track the purchase back to my real identity. When combined, all of the above points to this: It is absolutely safe to buy Cyber PaperBoy papers.

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Rating and Parting Thoughts

It’s time to draw a conclusion from my experience with CyberPaperBoy. So, here it is.
Clearly, the company hires professional writers whose prowess was in abundant display during the creation of the essay. Don’t get me wrong, every aspect of the service delivery was marvelous, but the purchased paper itself was definitely the chef’s kiss. Another thing worth mentioning is the price. I paid meager $42 for the 3-pages essay. It is owing to the confluence of great writing quality and low prices that I’m willing to rate CyberPaperBoy at 4.9 out of 5.
Total Rating