Best Google search ever. The search engine has an uncanny ability to guide people to the most useful and reliable websites. Its smart algorithms always deduce what I’m after and connect me with great services. That time was no exception. I needed expert writing help from people who craft custom university papers for a living. Google furnished me with dozens of websites; I chose the coolest looking one – I should pause here to admit that I was hesitant to use the help of a professional writer because I had heard of many plagiarism related mishaps from my peers. Not wanting to risk my money, I decided to read about the company on the Internet. After skimming through TrustPilot, Reddit, and SiteJabber PaperHelp reviews, I was reassured enough to order a college paper there. This article is a detailed recap of my customer experience. Buckle up. It’s about to get extremely nerdy.

paperhelp writing service Prices and PaperHelp Discount Code

I’m pretty sure that PaperHelp coupons are just another revenue-boosting gimmick. Promo discount codes, rebates, and refunds have been used by cunning marketers for ages to build brand image and customer loyalty. This fact notwithstanding, I love discounts because hey – free money! To lower the price of my first order at Paper Help, I applied an 11% discount LESSISMORE. A few seconds and a sizeable chunk of my money was saved for other purposes. Sweet!

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Now, let’s discuss PaperHelp prices.

For you lucky, internet-avoidant few, here’s an odd piece of news: almost everyone buys their papers on the Web, and almost everyone overpays. That being said, I was also a dupe who paid $30 for a page of writing without giving a second thought to it. I easily parted with hard-earned money, without suspecting that there were cheaper writing services. Speaking of which, is a veritable hidden gem. Don’t believe me? Let’s check their most popular offerings.

A high-school paper costs only $10 per page. More sophisticated writing for college students is a tad pricier – $12 per page. Papers for university and Ph.D. students cost $18 and $20, respectively. It’s hard to resist buying a custom paper if it is so affordable. I wasn’t able to overcome the temptation, which is why I placed an order. Here’s what happened next. prices Paper Writing Quality

I don’t know what it takes to become a expert. Maybe one has to win a Pulitzer; or maybe a suitable candidate should prove that Shakespeare is their genetic relative through a DNA test. Where am I getting with all this? It’s simple: writers at Paper Help are amazing! I asked them to write my essay on class consciousness in modern America, and they did a terrific job. Every now and then, tragic stories about students buying a shoddy literature review or even a term paper circulate around my dorm. Therefore, I was delirious with joy when reading the essay purchased at PaperHelp. It was absolutely stunning!

Full disclosure: I’m not the best person to judge the quality of academic writing. I have no merit-based scholarship from my college; I’m not the top student in my class; my writing skills suck. Nonetheless, I felt that the custom essay was great, which is why I submitted it without hesitation.

Soon enough, the essay was graded by a professor. I scored 95%.

It was official: PaperHelp writing absolutely rocks!

The essay’s margins were strewn with comments from the professor: “interesting idea,” “good point” and “well put.” Turns out that I “made progress on avoiding run-on sentences.” I have no idea what are those, but I’m glad that the Paper Help writer knows how to steer clear of them. I will definitely use the writer’s expertise in the future.


What PaperHelp Testimonials Say About Customer Support

Where there is quality, there is trust and admiration. This simple truth becomes even more evident after reading customer reviews of the writing company. Some students praise the usability of the Paper Help website; others are enamored by superior papers. However, the most common sentiment among user testimonials is that the customer support team is smart and friendly. And I, for one, can attest to this fact.

When I used a toll-free phone number to contact the company, a cheerful voice greeted me within only two rings. Can you believe? I asked the customer support representative with a sunny disposition to help me sign in to their app. She helped me create PaperHelp org login and provided me with clear instructions on the use of admin panel. The rep also explained how to use Facebook and Google accounts for authorization and reassured me that the company would soon integrate Twitter and LinkedIn sign-ins into their app. Lastly, she explained that the app receives my location data to help the company improve its service.

To sum up, PaperHelp users love the company’s customer support and so do I. Scam Allegations

Is PaperHelp good? Yes, it, absolutely, is. However, when perusing Reddit reviews of the company, I stumbled upon a few fraud allegations. The excessively negative language in one review raised a red flag. It is pretty natural for people to criticize a service; however, very few would go out of their way to pile on negative adjectives the way fake reviewers do. Also, suspicious was the fact that all disparaging reviews showed up on the same day and seemed to be written by the same person. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the allegations of foul play have no basis in reality.


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Is Legit?

I’m not a lawyer, which is why I have no way of checking whether PaperHelp is legal or not. That’s being said, I have no PaperHelp org complaints after using the service. I paid for the essay, and it was delivered without delay. Later, my professor praised the quality of writing, which shows the paper was written by a person who knew the topic inside and out. Given, all of the above, PaperHelp org seems pretty legit.


Has anyone got an urgent assignment? If so, then you better use PaperHelp because the service is nothing short of remarkable. I ordered an essay on a complex notion of class consciousness, and guess what? The company writer crafted a top-scoring paper in only four hours! Most importantly, my piggy bank remained intact because the essay was unbelievably cheap. Thus, I’m truly justified in rating the company’s services at 4.94 out of 5. If you want to read more about or order an essay – click.
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