Once upon a time, someone figured out that students would pay real money for academic help. And then the dam broke. Essay writing companies started popping into existence at head-spinning rates. Nowadays, there are hundreds of them. Students can hardly distinguish between trustworthy agencies and deceitful ones. Web chatter is not particularly helpful because the companies hire people to write reviews on Reddit. Is it ethical? No, but everyone does it anyway. That is precisely the reason why we’ve created this website. We want to get to the bottom of things. And today, we have GradeMiners.com under the lens of our investigative microscope. Read the article to find answers to the following questions:

  1. Is the writing agency reliable?
  2. What is GradeMiners plagiarism status?
  3. Does the service work as promised?
  4. How pricy are GradeMiners’ papers?
  5. Are the company’s writers any good?

Here’s what we did to answer those questions:

  1. Compared GradeMiners’ prices with market prices.
  2. Checked the availability of promo codes.
  3. Ordered a research paper at Grade Miners.
  4. Scanned the paper for plagiarism.
  5. Checked the paper for grammar mistakes.
  6. Talked with the company’s customer support rep.
  7. Wrote a comprehensive quality report.

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GradeMiners.com Prices Keep Rising

Standard price displayed prominently on the company’s website is $17.80. It’s all well and good, except… Except there is no such thing as a standard price. Just like any other writing company, GradeMiners calculates the cost of each paper based on a set of criteria: urgency, level, number of pages, etc. The price featured on the website’s main page is nothing but a marketing bait. Don’t take it; otherwise, you’ll have to ask for a refund or a chargeback. Find a comprehensive review of the company’s real prices below.

grademiners.com prices

As you can see, the price per page of high school writing with a 20-day deadline is a bit shy of $14. A few weeks ago, when we started preparing this review, the price was at the market average – $11.87. Most likely, the price spike occurred after a recent website redesign, which no doubt was costly. Perhaps, in an attempt to get its money back, the company overcharges its customers. There are no other explanations for exorbitantly priced papers (especially urgent ones): college level – $37.95/page, undergraduate level – $39.95/page, master’s level – $43.95/page, and Ph.D. – $45.95.

Those prices are straight out of nightmares. We’ve applied a cross, holy water, and garlic to the screen, but nothing worked. To placate scary GradeMiners’ prices, we had to scour the Web for discounts.

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GradeMiners Promo Code

Having done similar searches dozens of time, we had no trouble locating discount codes for grademiners.com. Less experienced users won’t be able to find coupons so easily. Maybe, for this reason, Grade Miners features a special price offer on its website. The trick is that the “special price,” which can be only unlocked upon registration, is lower than the usual one by only 15% (mind that a coupon provides an 18% discount). Also, it is a one-time offer.

grademiners service

So, here is where we are in 2019: the writing company realizes that its prices are too steep and features a discount on its website. However, the discount is lower than the one that can be found on the Web. Lies, lies everywhere.

GradeMiners.com Paper Writing Reviews

Here’s the meatiest part of this review of GradeMiners services: the paper we bought was surprisingly good. Maybe it is not the most economic academic essay writing company, but its writers are not half bad. How good is the paper written by GradeMiners? Well, having written dozens of professional reviews, let us assure you that there are much worse companies. Even though the quality of GradeMiners’ writing is not exceptionally high, it is still quite fine. Below is the detailed version of the professional quality check.

We asked the company’s writer the following:

Write a proposal for research that aims to examine microaggressions experienced by different individuals and consider whether the discriminatory behavior manifests differently across social, ethnic, racial, gender, and sexual identities.

grademiners essay


The writer followed the instructions closely.


The proposal contained a brief and meaningful title perfectly encapsulating the project’s core intentions. The introductory section of the proposal provided a thorough background for the project. Unfortunately, the writer dedicated too much space to the discussion of the microaggression theory and review of the relevant literature without elaborating their motivation for and the importance of the research.

In the Objectives section, the paper’s author listed goals they wanted to achieve through the research. Specifically, the stated objective of the research was to “explore whether intersectional microaggressions have different manifestations based on ethnicity, race, gender, and sexual identities.” Once again, the writer failed to stress the importance of answering the research question.

The methodological section of the paper was even more muddled than the previous ones. When describing inclusion criteria for the study, the writer hasn’t accounted for self-identification. Also, neither assumptions nor potential biases of data collectors were addressed.

Grammar and Style:

The paper contained 5 grammar mistakes. Style, flow, and tone, on the other hand, were impeccable.


All sources mentioned in the Background section of the proposal were properly cited.


No plagiarism detected.

Writing Rated at 4 out of 5

To sum up, the paper was well-written. Even though several muddled sections and grammar errors detracted from its overall quality, the paper was perfectly normal.

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GradeMiners Customer Service

We used the grademiners.com phone number twice. The first time we requested assistance with restoring a lost account – the interaction went swimmingly. The second time we asked the grademiners.com support rep to help us sign up to an app using Facebook or Instagram login. It seemed that either the rep forgot how it’s done or didn’t know it in the first place. It goes without saying that their unprofessionalism reflects poorly on the company.

Is GradeMiners Legit?

There’s nothing to discuss here: GradeMiners is no more illegal than any other company delivering writing assistance. Is buying academic papers cheating? Of course, it is! It’s up to customers to decide whether they want to cut corners or not. Is GradeMiners.com cheating its customers? No. The company provides moderately-decent service, which is evidenced by occasional complaints on Reddit. But it is not a scam by any stretch of the imagination. Bottom line: GradeMiners is a safe place to order papers.

GradeMiners.com Rating

You’ve trudged through the long and boring review for this: GradeMiners’ rating is 4 out of 5. While not the best writing company in the world, Grade Miners is still pretty decent. A caveat is due here. If you are a candidate for an advanced degree or simply want to maintain high grades, find something more suitable.

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