To the surprise of no one, students buy their papers. Having bought quite a few of them in my graduate years, I am well qualified to write this review on MyAdmissionsEssay. The company allows students to hire professional writers for a small fee. Contrary to what its name might suggest, My Admissions Essay is much more than a writing agency targeting college applicants. The service can be used to procure just about any kind of paper, which is what I did. Unlike other reviews of MyAdmissionsEssay, I am not leaving feedback to criticize or praise the company. What is article is all about? It’s an attempt to recount my user experience and let you pass judgment. When writing My Admissions Essay review, I tried to stay as impartial as possible.

Without further ado, let’s look under the hood of MyAdmissionsEssay.

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MyAdmissions Essay and its Low Prices

It seems that MyAdmissionsEssay does its best to sell as many papers as possible in order to stomp out the competition. By charging less for its services, the company tries to buy the loyalty of budget-strapped customers. How otherwise would you explain its lower than average prices?
The starting price for MyAdmission Essay is $9 per page. When nothing extra is added, a Ph.D. level paper costs $19 per page, which is at least 10% lower than the market average. Make no mistake, the urgency markup is there; however, it is nowhere as high as one would expect.

My crystal ball is dim at the moment, so I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of the company’s move. However, as a customer, I certainly welcome the pocket-friendly pricing strategy. Other MyAdmissionsEssay reviews seem to agree.

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MyAdmissionsEssay Discount Code is a Blessing

My Admission Essays most tangible act of setting itself apart from the competition is the decision to run extraordinary discount promotions. I do understand that the company sends me a promo code not out of the goodness of its heart. Rather, a My Admission Essay discount code for writing serves as a tailwind to its selling activities. Nonetheless, there is no pleasure like applying an 11% off MyAdmissionsEssay coupon BESTGRADE and realizing you’ve saved a dozen bucks. In moments like this, it seems that the company actually cares. As they say, coupons speak louder than words, or something along those lines, so use MyAdmissionsEssay coupon code to the fullest.

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My Admission Essay – Here’s a Real Sample of Writing

I asked MyAdmissionsEssay writers to review Sontag’s collection of essays On Photography. The website’s sleek design and miraculously low prices anesthetized me to the ubiquitous risk of web scam. Therefore, I had no misgivings when placing an order, which, in hindsight, was the right choice.

The paper arrived as promised. Its examination with a free plagiarism checker resulted in a reassuring 0% similarity index. It was the first indication that my money wasn’t wasted.

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The writer opened the review by pointing to the Sontag’s partial refutation of the beliefs espoused in the book. After acknowledging the flux in her positions, the writer proceeded to discuss opinions, which weren’t modified later by the famous author. “Sontag’s peremptory condemnation of the ubiquity of still images in a consumerist society” was the main focus of the MyAdmisssionsEssay writer, who referred to the book as the “incessantly probing collection of essays.”

The writer discussed the ethical quandaries of Sontag with regards to still imagery production while citing the source material copiously:

Inherent contradiction can be observed between Sontag’s (1977) assertion that “aggression is implicit in every use of the camera” and her claim that photography is but a “mediated spectacle” (p. 74). The seeming logical discrepancy between the two contradictory propositions dissipates when the plurality of their aspects is considered. Namely, the propositions are reconciled when another conceptual plane is introduced, wherein they can exist without baffling the reader and detonating each other. Sontag does exactly that in later chapters by explicating how the onlooker’s judgment and narrative situate the perceived images in context, thereby freeing her previous statements from self-contradiction.

When compared to the paper written by MyAdmissionsEssay writer, my essay seemed bleak. So, I went ahead and submitted the purchased one. The result? Top score. Afterward, I bought a few more papers, and all of them were in the vicinity of the first one, both price and quality-wise.

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Is MyAdmissionsEssay Safe?

The company is safe and legit because my papered has passed Turnitin. Should you follow my lead? I am not a finger wager. Examine your own feelings about academic fraud. Because who am I to pontificate on what’s right and what’s wrong? That’s being said, I have stubbornly high regard for reliable service and if you ever see any myadmissionsessay fraud accusations, those are probably the competitors’ attempts to damage the business. The company delivers on its promises, and that’s the only thing that matters to me. So I can highlight legit quality.

MyAdmissionsEssay Support

Upon placing an order, I was given an option to sign up to a private customer location. I created a MyAdmissionsEssay login and password, which granted me admin privileges: placing and canceling orders, tracking progress, etc. The user page was a convenient hub connecting me with writers. Whenever someone responded to my messages, a notification appeared at the top of the page.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t delete useless promotional messages, which accumulated quite quickly, thereby making it difficult to find useful ones. Speaking of the promotional materials, my mail was also full of them. The distribution of junk mail is something the company should reconsider.

On the flip side, the convenience of the user page prevented me from ever calling the company’s customer support line. When I wanted to change the details of my order or provide a writer with additional reading materials, I simply used the messaging channel embedded in the page.

My Admissions Essay – Final Rating

I realize that using a service once or twice is not a credential, which is why I do not presume to claim expertise of any sort. As has been said at the beginning of the article, I don’t like the role of a self-appointed arbiter of the company’s worth. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you like it or not. What I rate here is my personal experience with, and it was great. So much so that I score it at 4.9 out of 5.

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