I never thought that a colorful design would create this kind of service, but I’m not complaining yet. It’s primitive and I never thought it would cause me so much trouble, and not just because of the colour scheme.

Students are picky when it comes to designing a website they can write on paper, which probably doesn’t exist, especially if it seems trustworthy and affordable. Students are not prepared to let a hundred things go through their heads, so you can pay attention to the details. The landing page makes you find a few moments, but then you get back to your landing pages.

First, there is something that looks like a cookie consent poster and shows a sentence that makes sense: “By staying on this website, you agree to our privacy policy and the way we use your experience in this way.

Admittedly, most people hardly read or ignore such things and click on them automatically, but they are clicked on automatically. Nevertheless, I would rather tolerate minor deviations in information and layout than grammatical errors on a landing page. If a statement is important enough to be placed at the top of the page, it should be short, reasonable, and not arbitrary, so that it does not turn into nonsense. The quality of services could be better than the design of the site, and the quality and service more important.

writemypaper4me reviews

Besides, there is not even a section that describes exactly what the customer can order here or what he will order exactly.

So I have only seen on the site that the WriteMyPaper4Me experts are able to correct embarrassing grammatical errors in the text, but they can not point out that you can see examples of completed orders to make sure they are perfect. The proofreading and correction services offered by Write myPaper 4Me seem to be a joke, as there is no mention of the possibility of proofreading before viewing and sending to the customer. When I see that they have written excellent scientific papers and have only hired dedicated ENL experts, I naturally puke.

If I were to make a sound estimate, I would say that the work that Write myPaper4Me proudly presents as an example of their high-quality work is a translation of another language. Unfortunately, in some examples I found many clumsily structured sentences that were clearly written by someone who cannot be a native speaker. Some examples had only a few syntax and grammar problems, while others contained many grammatical errors and even some spelling mistakes. Moreover, the order of the words was dramatically different from the English language, and some of the sentences were completely incomprehensible to me.

This is a very alarming sign, as modern plagiarists acknowledge this kind of translation, which I do not. I am even more concerned about plagiarism than about grammar, but I am still not sure what the translation itself should look like.

When I happened to use it at a university, tears fell from my eyes when I used it, and I’m still not sure if it’s true or not.

When I compared WriteMyPaper4Me reviews and comments on different platforms, I found very few positive statements. The negative ones were widespread and had some of the lowest ratings I’ve ever seen. They included everything a student’s worst nightmare is, the language that is unsuitable for the subject and academic level. Instructions and orders are often ignored, as is the refund policy, and they cover everything from poor customer service to poor customer service.

Most websites that do not have a well-designed user interface will at least include a link to their service somewhere, such as an embedded image or table showing the price range of the service, but WriteMyPaper4Me has none of that. Sometimes I come across a custom website that does not have a service tab or menu that is unprofessional and never displays high quality service.

It is simply ridiculous that a potential customer should believe that they are being offered the best service in the industry when they try to navigate the website. There is no other way around this than to go to the order form and scroll through the options. They categorize the types of services according to writing, editing and presentation.

Other options include: You can order for writing, editing, presentation, audio recording, video recording and video editing. You can also order by time of day, date of publication and even the number of pages you have written.

They also claim to use advanced plagiarism detection tools, but do not give customers information about what exactly they are. The service does not include verification of plagiarism, and if you pay the $19.99 you run the risk of being accused of “plagiarism,” as I mentioned earlier. It is shocking to see that the plagiarism report is a cat in a bag that has to be paid for, since most companies that write essays provide it free of charge and consider it a must have. When a service delivers the finished order, you pay for the cat litter bag.

Cost information is optional to add to the other details of the order, and this additional feature is the choice of a premium writer. This leads to a better quality of work, as they write for premium authors and customers assume that the premium is a guarantee of quality.

The only thing that can give you security when using the WriteMyPaper4Me service is the security of the payment method. If you choose PayPal, you can pay with a credit card or debit card or even with a bank account. This is nice to know, but unhelpful, as everything else that the service offers is questionable.

Most of WriteMyPaper4Me.org’s reviews written by dissatisfied customers conclude that the price, while affordable, is not optimal and of poor quality. The ridiculous and shocking are the free features that you will find next to the prices on the list.

The plagiarism report is included in the price of the order and should be included, like the plagiarism report. No official has ever charged a fee for this case and it is not a feature that the results bear themselves first.

This should be clear to the customer before ordering, but WriteMyPaper4Me ignores it. You can see the price of the additional services when you are called on the order form and it should be visible to customers before placing an order.

There is a 10-day period, but if you opt for the shorter one, the features will be more expensive. The premium writer offers $5,000 for a master or doctorate, which you have to choose between $1,500 and $2,400 for master, $3,300 for doctorate or $4,800 for doctorate.

I would never advise that a spiritual ministry that has its own privacy policy cannot include a specific explanation there. The information is even more sensitive when it is mentioned or found out, but I am sure you know that.

I just said that you should ask Customer Service for additional information, and they did it on their website. You could have a simple piece of top secret material if you decide you need it, or you could go to the price page to find out the details if there is nothing else but a discount.

There is no discount, but your Account Manager can give you an overview of how the discount policy works and how it works, as described in the Customer Service section on their website and customer service page.

While I tried to forget free delivery like a bad joke, I had the impression that the WriteMyPaper4Me team apparently thinks that writing your work is one thing, but punctual delivery is another. So after reading all the negative reviews, I examined the fact that some of their authors might miss deadlines, which is contrary to their consistent quality and writing standards.

At first glance, there is no evidence that any audit or refund requests are to be evaluated by WriteMyPaper4Me quality assurance. If they behave at all, they could reject your application for an examination, claim that your work is not right and attribute the decision to you. Quality assurance is a significant step in order processing and must be tracked, but if you do not receive an audit, you are unlikely to see any significant improvements.

Another alarming rule is that the QA department must determine the amount of reimbursement depending on the percentage of faulty content. If your work is totally useless or plagiarised, why should the service decide that a customer should only be reimbursed part of the cost? If there is a QA department, it is a disgrace to refuse refunds and leave students waiting for weeks without answers to their demands.

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