For top students, academic success is one of the most important aspects of their career path. You can solve a number of problems, such as preparing your CV, looking for a job, planning your career and much more.

Today we will talk about StudyBay, a universal online writing service that has been on the market for over nine years. Read our review to decide whether delegating responsibility for your job is the best option. The design of Study Bay seems to be fine compared to other websites in the same sphere.

The colour scheme of the pages includes a lot of white, blue, green, red, orange, yellow and black, and the eyes are not irritated by the flashing colours and banners.


On the main page you will find all important information, but you have to scroll through the pages to see the missing links. You never know what the company will have to have, but it’s definitely worth it.

The site is optimized for different screen widths, but you need to surf on your phone, tablet or desktop version of the site. Many websites suffer from this problem, and it is still a bit confusing. It’s nice to talk on the phone and you don’t even need a laptop or tablet, just a tablet and a computer.

The company does not try to hide its support department, and even unregistered users receive an invitation to join the online chat within seconds of visiting the site. The service also has a mobile application, and there are links and suggestions that can also be found on the main page.

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In general, the average user will not have any problems with the design, but everything is clear and a bit boring. The site provides different information about its authors, and perhaps that would improve the situation.

To find out, you need to find a special link called “Writer Rating” on the left side of the page next to the “Rate me” button, which is literally useless and leads to an area of the main page. On the review page you will find a list of all the best authors working on StudyBay, as well as links to their reviews.

You can set which authors you like by clicking on the corresponding button in the profile of the respective authors. You can choose from different sections, read the biography of the author in the profile and so on, or you can simply set the author you like by clicking on their name.

The company says 27,900 experts have worked for the company for nine years and that customers can communicate directly with experts during order processing. The advantage is that this saves a lot of time and the support department does not have to act as an intermediary.

StudyBay’s authors have done a good job of posting customer reviews with various feedback about the service. In most cases, the negative opinions concerned the cost of Study Bay, but even some appreciated the professionalism of the local experts. Note that they are not in a position to set service quotas as indicated by independent services.

This website specialises in writing scientific papers and you can view the service via the links section of the website. There you will find a list of all scientific papers it is working on. Clicking on individual links will take you to the price calculator page, and clicking on each link will take you to a price calculator page for this paper.

There you can read a short introduction to the selected paper type and, if possible, find links to examples of the essays. Use the calculator to start your order by selecting the paper types and deadlines and the price calculator.

Among other notable services, StudyBay is also a CV creator, so if you can’t find anything on your resume or order form, say so in the comments. When you place an order, you can also request a support manager by e-mail or in person at the office reception.

In summary, the primary diversification of services will take place on the project page, but the website also claims that employees can do all kinds of tasks. As mentioned earlier, explanations are in a separate section for homework help, and you will find these explanations in the separate sections for homework and help.

Include the instructions there and explain to the author what to do, but keep the support chat manual in case you never get to see a write service. However, for experienced users of similar sites, this is irrelevant and you will not be restricted by the StudyBay tests.

In fact, you need to check your profile to see all available payment methods. On the main page you will find the labels Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and Payoneer, but in reality they are not the only ones available.

To do this, log in, click on the portrait button at the top right and select the Account Balance option to go to the Payment page and the Add Credit button.

This is a pity as other websites offer a more flexible payment system for customers. Currently, there are only two payment options on the site – credit and debit cards, but both are blockchain currencies.

However, all existing methods are safe and legal, and considering that there are no fees for transfers, it is a great option. In addition, the system protects the customer’s money and preserves the money that can be paid for an order until the customer has confirmed that the order has been well executed.

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The payment methods on the website are exciting compared to other similar ones, but unfortunately there is no way to accept other currencies, although you could exchange your money at a bank. Depending on the payment method, you can deposit up to $100 or pay up to $1,000, depending on the payment method.

The least negative and neutral StudyBay test mentioned that the disappointing factor in working with studyBay is price. The price could have been lower, but it can be described as one of the weakest features of Study Bay, and it could have been lower.

On the main page of the website you can see the prices depending on the type of paper and the deadline. In the table below, you will learn that it costs $8 to get an essay in 4 hours or to write a dissertation in 3 weeks. The words “greedy” and “high” are often used, but they are not the only words on the StudyBay website.

However, reality does not correlate with this information, and in fact some of the prices on the StudyBay website do not correlate at all with reality.

For example, it does not matter if you write a 100-page dissertation in one month, the offer starts at 12.5 pages, and the price is higher than the estimated cost of the service at that time. For example, if $535 equals 5.35 pages, then it is possible to write the essay in 4 hours and 5 days.

It is unclear what factors affect the price, but that does not mean it is a scam. Owners probably haven’t updated the information yet and aren’t resorting to marketing tricks to lure in new customers.

The quality of the paper is not mentioned either, and if a customer changes the type of paper or the deadline within one or two days, the price for the next three days remains the same.

Technically, customers can choose what kind of deadline they want, but there is no classic scheduling system where they can choose the exact date of the deadline, the type of paper or even the quality of the papers. At StudyBay, a customer selects the exact data from a calendar plugin or from the project details page.

The minimum duration is one hour and the maximum one day, the maximum time being two days and the minimum three days from the date of the deadline.

In some cases, however, the website will probably tell you that you have chosen a too strict schedule and offer to pay an additional $5 to learn more about the project on offer. Longer periods can take up to eight months, but I couldn’t make it to all of them, so I’m sorry.

In summary, I recommend you play with the deadlines and project details before placing your actual order. Remember that the countdown starts as soon as you have paid the first $5, then the second, the third and so on. Have your money prepared in advance so you don’t have to wait for the payment confirmation on the website.

There is no audit or refund policy for StudyBay, and the principles of pricing and scheduling are not entirely clear. First of all, it is not difficult to find information about exams and refunds, but there are no exams or refunds policies for studyBay.

You will find a link to StudyBay’s trusted help center at the bottom of the main page, but not much more than that.

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There are two articles dealing with revisions and refunds, but there is no revision policy and no guidelines for freelance authors who cooperate with the service. Customers will receive a minimum of 50% of the cost of an audit and customers will have to behave themselves.

Free revisions are possible at any time, but customers are entitled to a full refund if they do not receive the revised document in time. Changes and refunds can be requested in the order section of the customer profile. The deadline for ordering is three days or more, which is the time for a free audit, and it must be carried out without affecting the audit period and at least two days after the deadline.

Changes and refunds may be requested within the same 20-day period, and within the first 30 days of ordering, a full refund of up to 50% of the original cost of an order may be requested.

Depending on the author’s various errors, this can happen for various reasons, and a detailed explanation can be found on the corresponding page.

This seems legitimate, but remember that you get money from your personal StudyBay account. If you withdraw an amount from this card, you will not have more than $10 on the card and you will need to remember this.

The customer service on the website is well trained and there is a support centre (mentioned above) that deals with the usual questions. The FAQ section is also helpful and you can contact a manager at any time by email, SMS, phone or even in person.

The only drawback of the service is that support does not work around the clock, with operating hours starting at 10 am and ending at 8 pm.

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