How much does it cost to write an essay? Less than three dollars. That’s the cost of a can of Red Bull to make it through a deadline night. However, how do you put a price tag on the sleepless night, strained effort, and stress? Many students make a quick cost-benefit calculation and decide that the price is too steep. They prefer buying their papers online. Luckily for them, the Web is awash with websites offering custom writing services. Some of them hire the best writers who honestly do their job; others deliver plagiarized schlock. There are companies that help their clients, and there are ones that harm them. And the harm can be severe: ranging from the loss of money to expulsion from a college. Knowing how difficult it can be to find the most reliable writing services, we’ve created this resource. Here, you can read about the top essay writing companies to understand their offerings, prices, etc. To create honest reviews, we’ve ordered papers from popular essay mills operating in the US and UK. Check out the concise user experiences accumulated in the table below.

University and College Paper Writing Service Reviews

Who do you think resorts to the use of professional writing services? Only truants and partygoers who are too lazy to write academic papers on their own? No. The shocking truth about custom writing services is that everyone uses them. A Reddit post by a top manager of an essay company reveals that his website caters to all kinds of students: attendees of prestigious universities and “secondary schools,” ambitious and less so, haves and have-nots, etc. Even college hopefuls in the throes of the admission panic order application essays. The reasons for using online help are also numerous and multifaceted: time mismanagement, perfectionism, personal crises, laziness, and exhaustion among others. Every student has unique requirements and marking criteria for their order. They do not want to pay for pre-packaged papers; they expect only the best and look for the most reliable services. Some papers – such as a short law research paper or an argumentative essay – don’t cost that much; others, however, – such as a term paper, dissertation, or Ph.D. thesis – are quite pricey. It is only natural to ask: is it OK to pay for academic help? As with almost everything else, it depends. Context is what matters here. To decide whether it is worth going down the path of academic dishonesty, one should consider the following:


Sometimes, students are too busy to write their coursework. They are bogged down by familial obligations, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, etc. Do you have enough time to write a paper without external help? If so, then go ahead and write a paper on your own. You will learn a lot in the process, sharpen your writing skills, and save money.

Writing Skills

Without having requisite writing skills, it is difficult to produce sharing-worthy Facebook posts, to say nothing of term papers. If you have those skills and your academic track record proves it, don’t pay anyone to write your papers.


When college goers don’t have the knowledge necessary to produce a decent college paper, they open wallets. Take for instance dissertation writing. Here, one has to decide on a suitable structure, conduct deep research, analyze information, back their claims, and so on. It is not a beginner’s task. No wonder then that many students pay for it.

The decision to use writing mills should be based on the results of a weighted cost-benefit analysis. Here are some downsides of writing agencies, you might want to include in your calculation:


The number of online scammers is overwhelming. Lured by generous promises, students often pay good money and get nothing in return.


Almost everyone has a strong belief in their own moral virtues. Academic cheating makes it hard to maintain a positive self-image, which is why customers of academic mills often deal with considerable ethical scruples. They are ashamed of crossing ethical boundaries and profiting from their transgressions.


Some companies sell plagiarized pre-packaged essays. Students buy them and encounter severe disciplinary actions.

Top Essay Writing Websites

It is fairly clear which online writing companies are the worst: ones that take your money and give you nothing in return. But, who are the trusted providers of writing services? This category of companies is characterized by the following criteria:
  • Secure

A company issues anonymity and money-back guarantees.

  • Top Ratings

Many customers have reviewed a company favorably or made a recommendation to their friends. Unfortunately, a top rated company is a rarity.

  • Punctual Delivery

All papers are delivered on time.

  • Unique Materials

When it comes to academic writing, a hallmark of quality is uniqueness. A good paper is first and foremost an original one. For this reason, professional writers never plagiarize works of others.

  • Free Items

The best companies do some services for free. For example, they might offer free formatting or a free title page.

  • Low Cost

A paper’s price must be reasonably low. Furthermore, top companies list prices for their services prominently on their websites.

  • Wide Range of Services

The best companies offer multiple services such as writing, editing, and proofreading. They can deliver PowerPoint slides and make complex calculations.

Customers decide which services suit their needs best. On average, the top rated companies display these characteristics: low cost, speedy delivery, unique papers, 24/7 customer support, free revisions, and degree-holding writers.

The best way to ascertain the trustworthiness of a service is to use it. However, this approach is costly. To save money, time, and energy, read reviews submitted by real customers of writing companies. Thus, you will know which ones are reliable and which ones are not.

You would be hard pressed to find the best legitimate service because many companies are quite good. However, our user experiences indicate that and are among the top essay companies.

Online reviews are not to be trusted. A hefty share of them is left by either companies themselves or their competitors. To find a reputable company, look for balanced reviews that are not overly favorable or negative.

The Internet is rife with cheap writing companies. Their allure is strong and dangerous in equal measure. The thing is that dirt-cheap papers we’ve seen and reviewed are largely plagiarized. By buying them, you are ruining your academic reputation and endangering your future.

These reviews matter because your academic success matters. If you decide to buy a college paper, you deserve to know which agencies are worthy of your time and money and which are not.

Plenty of substandard or downright fraudulent enterprises operate in the essay writing market. Hundreds of thousands of students regularly hand their hard-earned money to such companies. Naturally, horror stories galore. Some students have lost their money, others have got an F, and yet others have been severely reprimanded for plagiarism. It should stop.

We review writing companies to ensure that students do not fall victims to unscrupulous business practices. Here at Discover Writing, we work hard to make you a more informed and eventually, happier customer.